Sunday, April 3, 2011

Is your school GREEN?

About three years ago I discovered an awesome organization called Terracycle.  It is an organization that uploads items that would normally go to the landfill and makes them into new products.  The concept is wonderful.  It helps eliminate waste as well as earn cash for my school.  It's a win, win situation!  To get started visit their website and sign up for brigades that fit your school's needs.  My school is currently collecting juice pouches, chip bags, Elmer's glue, gum wrappers, tape dispensers, and writing instuments.  We have bins in our lobby for the non-food items and a container in our lunch room that I won through  I will be blogging about that soon!  Last year during April in honor of Earth Day we gave away Terracycle items through a raffle to our student body.  You can find their products at Target, Wal-Mart, and their website!  They are super cute and well made.  Our biggest brigade that we collect is juice pouches and to date we have collected over 32,000 pouches.  Even though it's only 2 cents per item it really does add up and help the environment!  Check it out!  Is anyone else's school involved with Terracycle?  If so, does your school do anything neat with it?
Watch these YouTube Videos!!

Our school has been so awesome, we have gotten 2 awards from Terracycle and the frame is made out of old Capri Sun pouches!!  A shout out to Gill Franklin who collects, organizes, and ships all of the juice pouches, chip wrappers, and cookie wrappers!! You rock Gill!! 

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