Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Dr. Seuss is on the Loose!

After making Thing 1 and Thing 2 cupcakes for my son's school this year I was inspired to look into this theme for my son Cole's 1st birthday.  I feel like I hit the jackpot while visiting The Giving Madam's blog!  She has such amazing things I can't wait to use her amazing items for his birthday party and for Read across America in my classroom.  I am so grateful for her because I e-mailed her and she personalized something for his party.  The best thing is all of these amazing items are FREE!!!  Can you believe how generous she is?!  She is currently trying to win a trip to volunteer with the Peace Corps.  She needs all the votes she can get.  I would love for your help!!  Click HERE to help her win!!  THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!  Let's give back to someone who is so talented and giving herself.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011


I am super excited that my sister Jessica just got a teaching job.  She will be teaching a K-2 Self Contained class and I couldn't be happier for her.  Plus, another bonus is that we will be teaching together.  I threw together a little shindig to celebrate with her.  Here are some pics...

I found the circle tags and banner from some awesome blogs.  Check them out.

A thanks for Ms. Winston for the M & M Prescription for Teachers.  It looked adorable framed and set next to a jar of M & M's.  Check out her blog HERE.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Staples Penny Sale!!

I have to say that I get so excited when Staples has their penny sale.  My local Staples lets educators get 25 of each item.  This year the deal is for Staples glue, a pack of pens, and pencil top erasers.  In addition you need to spend $5.00.  This was not hard to do since Sharpie markers were on sale for $1.00 and so were shaped Post It Notes.  Gotta love a good deal.  Check out what I came home with =)

I just picked up some tubs at the Dollar Tree, so I separated the items.  The last tub has some of Staples quarter deals and dollar deals.  If you haven't gone yet.  The sale ends tomorrow not Saturday!  Happy Shopping!

Have a "Kool" summer update!

I am so happy that a coworker that I shared these with saved the water bottle labels and tags ;) Thanks Gina!! Here are the TAGS  Click LABELS for the water bottles.  Enjoy!

Friday, July 8, 2011

Have a "Kool" Summer!

Well I haven't posted in a few weeks.  I guess I have been enjoying the start to summer vacation!  I like to give my students a little end of the year gift, so this year I made water bottle labels to wrap around the bottle and tags that say Have a "Kool" summer.  I bought Kool Aid singles and attached the tag and the  single with ribbon.  They came out so cute.  The cost was about 10 bucks and made enough for 24 kids. My flash drive crashed, so as soon as I can get the files I will post them :-/

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

An EXTRA special thank you!

I like to always remember my son's special area teachers.  For the end of the year gifts I wrapped a pack of Extra gum and put them in a clear bag added some paper strips and attached a cute label.  The paper strips I found at the Dollar Tree and the clear bags at

I attached a label and ribbon and they came out cute. 

I made labels for art, library, music, Spanish, gym, principal, secretary, bus driver and a teacher.

Click HERE for the first sheet of labels and HERE for the second.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Thank you for Helping Us Bloom

The end of the year is quickly approaching.  I was so envious of one of my gilfriend's gift from her amazing parents last year.  I couldn't wait to make this gift for my son's teacher.  I found the pot at the Christmas Tree Shop for $3.99.  The flowers are from the Dollar Tree they cam in bunches of 8 so I needed 3=$3.00.  They also had the foam green block to stick the flowers in at the Dollar Tree, so far the gift is up to 8 bucks.  I then needed a picture of each child to hot glue on the center of the flowers.  I am his class Mom so myself and another Mom are collecting to make a giftcard plant.  There's nothing better than getting giftcards:) 

After placing the flowers in the floral styrofoam I punched out the faces to hot glue them in the center of each flower.

Here it is with the pictures glued on and a sign that says Thank you for helping us bloom in Kindergarten.  I also stopped by a local flower shop and to get the picks to hold the gift cards.